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 Our Wedding

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PostSubject: Our Wedding   Our Wedding EmptySat Jan 05, 2013 2:25 pm

My apologies to anyone who missed the double wedding, I married Cruis and Pho married Vervina! Here are a few pictures of the shenanigans Smile If you have some pictures post em too!

Our Wedding 2013_01_04_10_27_24_ZionPVP_Hall_Aerlynn_zps806ac823

Our Wedding 2013_01_04_10_21_43_ZionPVP_Hall_Aerlynn_zps55f9340e

Our Wedding 2013_01_04_10_21_35_ZionPVP_Hall_Aerlynn_zpsf1a455c7

Our Wedding 2013_01_04_10_39_36_ZionPVP_Hall_Aerlynn_zps31b8c883

Our Wedding 2013_01_04_10_39_29_ZionPVP_Hall_Aerlynn_zps1d851059

Our Wedding 2013_01_04_10_39_10_ZionPVP_Hall_Aerlynn_zpsa1063998

Our Wedding 2013_01_04_10_37_44_ZionPVP_Hall_Aerlynn_zps07219605

Our Wedding 2013_01_04_10_29_41_ZionPVP_Hall_Aerlynn_zps7ebaeeab

It was a ton of fun, thanks to everyone that came! And no, we'll never tell what went on that night... Embarassed

Our Wedding 2013_01_04_10_27_56_ZionPVP_Hall_Aerlynn_zpsdf072c30
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PostSubject: congratz lol    Our Wedding EmptyTue Jan 08, 2013 1:08 pm

i didn't know you got married , but

CONGRATULATION!!!!!!!! Smile Very Happy
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Our Wedding
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