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PostSubject: AutoBot (Trade)   AutoBot (Trade) EmptyTue Jan 08, 2013 1:06 pm

Hello guys,
I wanted to share the auto trade with TinyTank.
Those who don't know about TinyTask, it's a program that records our mouse and keyword, where we can record and loop it as much as we like.
I couldn't Post the link at the moment coz of forum rules (members need 7 days)
You can google it by typing "download tinytask" - its the first link from there and download it Smile

The s/w is fairly simple, you can guide yourself with the buttons on that small dialog box Smile
Each button has its operation and you can save it once you record it as well.

To start with,
1. Go to the guild city merchant and mark a point (mine was 148,56). Then, center your camera by press V.
2. Place ur cursor at a point (i placed my cursor on the first skill for identification purpose).
3. Start to record, buy the trade item and make sure u never change ur inventory box location.
4. Using ur map (TAB) guide yourself outside.
5. Then, never change ur camera angle as it would be a trouble once u auto. Just press TAB,drag the map and click on the next location.
6. Continue this till ur done with the trade and there you go Smile a perfect auto trade

I perfected my auto trade on my 3rd try, so please take your time adjusting the till ur satisfied.

NOTE: Don't change the camera angle while recording (no matter what! lol)
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PostSubject: Re: AutoBot (Trade)   AutoBot (Trade) EmptyTue Jan 08, 2013 7:26 pm

Thanks super much Leo, this is what I was looking for!

I have a Logitech g11 keyboard (I know, omg so old, but I've been playin games a while Embarassed ) If anyone needs help with a fast auto key with this kind of keyboard, just let me know. My software is current if the hardware isn't. I have two set, one that's an auto basic attack, great if you have a job like mine where you randomly have to get up every few minutes and so many people are kick happy in this game, and another button set up that spams a skill and then feeds my pet. To look at it, it looks as if I'm really there, although I never leave it on longer than a few minutes for fear of bot detection, its for super fast breaks only. I'll make a guide for it if others have this style of gaming keyboard.

Also a quick note, if you will all be trading more now that it is easier, please do take time to just do a couple of guild quests, just a few, when you have time. If we all work together we can get government level 5, and unlock all of the life skills we want!
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